Managing Money in Today’s Digital Age, 5 Key Findings by Harris Poll

In today’s Digital Age, consumers of all ages want services that are easy to use, secure, and in step with today’s faster pace of life. As interest in innovative technology such as digital wallets and mobile payments grows—particularly among millennials and affluent households—financial services providers can leverage these tools to drive revenue and grow relationships.

Early adopters of leading-edge services also will gain a competitive advantage and sustainable relevancy in the marketplace. Although the broader financial landscape is evolving rapidly, financial institutions have many opportunities to capitalize on these changes. As disruptive, nontraditional financial providers continue to emerge, it is evident that members place greater trust in established institutions. Through value-added services, such as financial literacy education and financial management assistance, these institutions can enhance their connections with new and current members for generations to come.

Below are 5 key trends surfaced from a survey done by Harris Poll to 3,000 consumers, around managing their money in today’s digital age.

Managing Money in Digital Age