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Here at BrillianSe Group we have developed an
Enhanced Cybersecurity Management and Protection
that delivers upon 6 key market differentiating Cybersecurity Posture
Meet our
brilliant minds!
Our personnel have industry experience, certifications, and hands-on
experiences across multi-industries. We are sought out advisors to
research firms as well as collaborators with private and
government intelligence groups.

Company overview

We have 20+ years of hands-on experience as CTO, CIO, Chief Architects, and CISO in companies across Financial Services, Healthcare Technology, Insurance Technology, and Travel Technology industries. We have led with passion and intelligence to bring transformative measurable outcome in Cybersecurity, Systems Modernization, and Data Integration programs through our engagements in fortune 100 companies across these industries. We have learned through our personal experience how to distinguish bad consulting and results that do not translate to actionable outcome.  We have also learnt to distinguish technology strategies that are not pragmatic or impractical.

Using these lessons, we now help technology C-Suite, Presidents, VPs and their teams to formulate Pragmatic, Incremental, Easy to follow, Industry Compliant technology transformative frameworks in Cybersecurity, Systems Modernization, and Data Integration & Security space.

Our expertise and success have garnered us reputation as sought out industry thought leaders. We collaborate with well known top market research firms as well as governmental intelligence agencies.

We know that we have built something which is genuinely useful: almost any team which adopts this Cybersecurity Management Framework would be significantly better off than they were before. That means we have something people want.

Results from Completed Engagements

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