Enhanced CyberSecurity Posture
to protect your holistic IT operations
from Data-breach & Ransomware
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Enhanced CyberSecurity Posture
to protect your holistic IT operations
from Data-breach & Ransomware
Learn More About Us
What We Do

We design and implement organizational CyberSecurity & InfoSecurity protection and readiness frameworks, so that you achieve robust and regulatory-compliant security posture

Top-Notch industry compliant Data Security Practice

We help assess and improve organizational Data security, Data sharing practice and controls.  We have built a multi-regulatory compliant assessment framework that uses best-of-breed controls and combines our industry expertise and learned techniques. We help companies create and institutionalize internal/external processes that are actionable and measurable around the information access and security.

Secure and Protected Internal and External
System Integrations

We assess and help implement hyper-secure integrations between internal as well as external systems.  To aide in protection of data and information, our framework elevates transparency to in-house and partners’ practice of information security controls.  Our implementation delivers value-add results at every phase.

About us

Trusted Experts and
Pragmatic Leaders

We have 20+ years of hands-on experience as CTO, CIO, Chief Architects, and CISO in companies across Financial Services, Healthcare Technology, Insurance Technology, and Travel Technology industries. We have led with passion and intelligence to bring transformative measurable outcome in Cybersecurity, Information Security, and Data Integration programs through our engagements in fortune 100 companies across these industries.

We have learned through our personal experience how to distinguish bad consulting and results that do not translate to actionable outcome.  We have also learnt to distinguish technology strategies that are not pragmatic or impractical.   Using these lessons, we now help technology C-Suite, Presidents, VPs and their teams to formulate Pragmatic, Incremental, Easy to follow, Industry Compliant technology transformative frameworks in Cybersecurity, Systems Modernization, and Data Integration & Security space.

Shafayet Imam

Founder & CEO

Why choose us

Our Advantages

Expert Advice with Actionable Frameworks

We are C-Suite leaders delivering frameworks for C-Suite leaders and their teams. We bring industry expertise combined with robust top-notch frameworks balanced with done-for-you actionable plan for higher growth.

Robust Framework goes beyond the norm

looks across IT operations as well as within the intersections of 28+ areas of organizational Technology use in the intersections of People, Process, Data, Tools, and Infrastructure.

Proven Model with Measurable Results

Our frameworks have saved our other clients in annual cost in tools optimization, identified prior unknown attack surface, and helped become compliant with regulation with highest Cybersecurity maturity ratings and win multi-million dollar contracts and business.

Multi Regulatory compliant Frameworks

Our frameworks that combine 6+ Cybersecurity and InfoSecurity framework of controls across 10 different regulatory standards. Combined with our industry expertise these frameworks are best-of-breed, robust, and ensures compliancy with major industry regulations.

Blog Articles

Content of Interest


A Data Breach is a multi-headed beast, and this beast is growing strong by leaps and bounds in its capability to cause monetary damage as well at the ways it can attack the most sensitive of data. In this podcast we detail 4 favorite attack areas in 2021 that cyber-attackers prefer to use to breach data and what can IT leaders do about it.

How to Prevent a Data Breach

A Data Breach is a multi-headed beast, and this beast is growing strong by leaps and bounds in its capability to cause monetary damage as well at the ways it can attack the most sensitive of data. There is no silver bullet solution for this is problem, furthermore, there are no one-set of controls to keep this beast at bay.

What every CEO needs to know to prevent Ransomware

In this session we look at 4 foundational layers of proven management approach that every C-Suite leader needs to know to implement better than adequate controls in Cybersecurity protection and posture to prevent Ransomware.

Strengthening Web Application Security and why it is 2nd most vulnerable threat vector in 2021 according to Forrester Research

Forrester’s State of Application Security Report for 2021 shows that applications are still a major attack vector. Here are critical and practical steps you can take to strengthen security of your Web Application security.

Phishing Attacks come in many forms, learn more about each form and how to prevent them

Phishing is one of the oldest and yet still prevalent form of Cyberattack. It comes in many forms and often come with combination of forms. In this post, let us learn more about each of the numerous types of Phishing attacks and how to prevent them.

Why point solutions in Cybersecurity won’t protect against a data breach, but holistic posture can.

With the rise of ransomware, phishing mails, vishing (voice phishing), DDoS attacks, data breaches, nation state sponsored cyber attacks, it is becoming more important than ever before to have strong holistic Cybersecurity protection. Point solutions are not enough anymore to handle complex cyberattacks. Let’s look at why holistic cybersecurity instead is better than point solutions.


Here are some of the worst cybersecurity strategies, unfortunately, followed and adopted by many organizations. Such practice has repeatedly lead the companies to disastrous results in loss of business, reputation, and monetary fines.


The fast changing and popular cryptocurrency investing market is attracting much attention from cyber attackers to prey on investors. Here are details on some of the prevalent scams that are popping up, for any investor in crypto to be aware of.


Cybersecurity threats are causing a lot of losses for SMBs in 2021. As these organizations address cybersecurity in 2021, they need to understand what they are facing. Here are five top cybersecurity challenges faced by SMBs in 2021 as well as downloadable 5 tips to protection.


Penetration testing methodologies help to methodically identify security vulnerabilities in an organization. Think of this type of testing as your live-fire exercise for a Cyber-attack. Here are top four penetration testing methodologies that are industry-recognized and respected.


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We recognize the need to show incremental value quickly, thus our delivery model brings measurable value-add returns early and at each phase of our engagement.


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Leverage our expertise to gain competitive edge and peace of mind securing your IT operations with enhanced protections and transparent management framework. We implement industry leading cybersecurity management posture.