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Starting with your vision and goals, we help you rapidly TRANSFORM and INNOVATE your technology so you can REDUCE your operational expense, GROW your sales,  INCREASE customer loyalty, and ELEVATE your brand. We HAND-HOLD you step-by-step through our PROPRIETARY models and PROVEN processes refined over  20 years. These models, when tailored with your goals, become a key differentiator to your SUCCESS.


Throughout our engagement we help build SOLID BRIDGE between Technology and Business and constantly ADAPT to the tech landscape to bring you tailored DONE-FOR-YOU solutions.

Our Services can be divided in three broad categories that align to business value and bring significant differentiation across your Technology Solutions, Processes, and Talent.

We intelligently optimize your solutions and introduce new ones to increase Millennial customer engagement and elevate brand relevance. We use our proprietary models and expertise across Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud, that bring you maximum benefit.


We create your tailored technology growth plan that give early returns on investment and clear alignment to business goals.


We bring order to retiring legacy solutions to reduce operational cost without breaking day-to-day business. We do this using our lengthy industry expertise.


We build with modern, scalable and secure technologies that work seamlessly across multi-channels and are easy to support and grow.


We help design and implement easy-to-follow Innovation practice. We use our past success in building and mentoring Innovative way to cultivate new ideas and solutions that bring competitive advantage.


We implement easy-to-follow design, build, test, and deployment process to achieve fast-to-market solutions with high quality. We use our expertise across DevOps, Change Management, Incident Management, and Scalability, that bring you maximum speed to market.

Our online tool easily and quickly shows your and your vendors’ security vulnerabilities and adherence to standards, without any software or infrastructure installations. We then help you find ways to remediate and hold them accountable.


Using robust audit, we identify technical vulnerabilities in your process and technologies, then give you incremental steps to remediate. We consider all fundamentals of your technologies and solutions. We then help you make your technology secure without becoming a burden.

Delivery Mechanisms of our Services across the three broad categories can be described as follows.

We bring visibility into your technology talent compared to your needs, so you can achieve your technology goals.


We identify hidden-gems in your current workforce and create models to elevate and engage them with maximum impact.


We identify right labor-market for recruitment and design interview process, so you can identify the right talent quickly.

We help foster innovation culture that generates funnel of creative and new products, for business growth and tech. optimization.


We coach and mentor your technology talent to learn and effectively deliver your technology growth plan.


We coach your technology leadership on strategy, planning and implementation modeling.

We bring visibility in industry specific technology talent market demands, so you can track to at-risk talent in your organization.


We help build technology talent engagement models to ensure your top talent stays with you and are enthusiastic to work for you.

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RESULTS enjoyed by our Clients


Holistic technology transformation plan


A Client achieved 7% revenue growth in 5 months, while being able to measure ROI at every increment.


Transforming existing products and design of new Products

A Client grew their Millennial users by 19% and increased their solution’s performance 40%. They are also now able to scale their products, on-demand, up to 8 times.


Selecting appropriate new technologies and processes

A Client now uses a combination of secure open-source and enterprise technologies, helping them recruit talent with an innovative mindset. This also gave their existing staff modern tools to rapidly solve problems.

Another Client won CIO100 Magazine’s Project of Year in SaaS & Cloud Computing, for an innovative solution in FinTech industry.


Identifying & forming retirement plan for legacy technologies

A Client reduced their technology cost of maintenance by 20% leading to $1m annual operational cost savings.


Implementing best-of-breed product delivery practice

A Client can now bring their product to market 37% faster. They expanded their development workforce with on-site and remote staff. They are effectively leveraging security and automation throughout their development, deployment, and performance monitoring practice.

What sets us apart from Others?

We are obsessed about quality and cognizant of your investment.
Our leaders have done this successfully for 20+ years, winning their work awards along the way.
Our work expertly converges technology into your business growth, and resolves technology hurdles.
Our proprietary method is proven to get you results faster than the other guys.

You are here because you need Technology solutions to overcome your business hurdles. We want to build them for you.

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Leadership Team

Shafayet Imam
Founder & CEO

Shafayet Imam

Bringing your business vision to sensible reality so you can Enhance Customer Engagement, Grow your Sales, Improve Customer Loyalty, and Elevate your Brand.


Over the last 19 years I have worked various skill levels of IT solutions. Starting early in my career in software development & constantly building my skills, I am now considered a go-to talent (from reference consultation to speaking engagements) on IT Strategy & Roadmap, Product Roadmaps, Systems Architecture, Design, Integration, R&D, Wearable tech and Technology best-practice across social, mobile, analytics, and cloud computing. Alongside, I have built a respected career in business knowledge around various aspects of financial and healthcare industries, as well as successful talent in seamlessly bridging the business to the appropriate technology solutions while maintaining bimodal IT.