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Small-and-midsize businesses (SMBs) are at increasing risk of cybersecurity attacks. According to a report by Forrester Research, more than 40% of small businesses have suffered at least one cyberattack since 2010. Cybersecurity threats are causing a lot of losses for SMBs in 2021. As these organizations address cybersecurity in 2021, they need to understand what they are facing. The following are five top cybersecurity challenges faced by SMBs in 2021:

1. Phishing Attacks.

Most of the SMBs are familiar with phishing attacks, but they end up being victims. Phishing emails lure SMBs’ employees into opening and reading the new email, but they introduce malware into their system during the process. Phishing emails appear to be sent by a trusted recipient, and the moment you click on them, you unleash a ransomware attack. The malware blocks the SMBs from accessing their networks until they pay the ransom. Employees need training on how to spot phishing emails and handle cybersecurity for SMBs effectively.

2. DDoS Attacks.

Distributed Denial of Service attacks targets SMBs’ websites. DDoS slows down the websites hence causing a loss worth more than $25,000 per hour. The attack may last 6-24 hours. SMBs should avoid DDoS attacks by laying down an effective DDoS mitigation and response plan.

3. Malware.

Malware is attackers’ programs installed in SMBs’ computer systems to carry out third-party objectives without the administrators’ authorization. Malware includes spyware, Trojans, virus, bots, and adware. SMBs can protect their computers against malware attacks by installing firewalls, anti-virus, and end-to-end protection.

4. SQL Injection.

SQL injections execute data theft and interfere with the proper functioning of SMBs’ websites. Cyber attackers send malicious SQL commands to SMBs’ database servers, in order to steal customer data or administrative login information.

5. BYOD Technology vulnerability.

Today, remote working has made BYOD a common phenomenon among SMBs’ workers. The embracing of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) technology at the workplace by employees exposes SMBs to increased threat. Some employees are very reckless and use unsecured devices despite the laid down cybersecurity measures. The unsecured devices may pass malicious programs to the companies’ computer systems and networks.

Critical Takeaway

As SMBs address cybersecurity in 2021, they should consider partnering with experts like BrillianSe Group, to have all challenges on cybersecurity solved. BrillianSe Group specializes in affordable and effective cyber assessment, advisory, training, and virtual hands-on CISO services.  It is, therefore, time for SMBs to get the necessary remedies for cybersecurity challenges.

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